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Company history

Welcome to Elektrokim Kft., where over three decades of professional experience in electric motor winding and contract manufacturing proudly stand behind us. Together with our Hungarian subsidiary established in 2021, our group has become a trusted partner across Europe in the electric motor manufacturing industry and motor component production.
Elektrokim was founded in 1990 by two experts and close friends who decided to venture into their own business instead of continuing as employees. Over the years, one founder ventured into another business, leaving the other founder, Szilvester Kovács, and his wife, Eszter, to continue the journey from their home in Subotica.
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What started as a small enterprise operating out of a family garage has grown into a significant business with a robust infrastructure and professional relationships, now employing nearly 50 individuals. The company has weathered economic downturns, hyperinflation, and war conditions, standing strong through it all. This resilience is a testament to our guarantee for the future.
With the founders' children moving to Hungary, 2021 saw the conception of leveraging this move for generational transition and business expansion. Thus, Elektrokim Kft. was established, backed by our Vojvodina company's professional support, significantly enhancing our EU business connections.

Szilveszter Kovács

founder and owner of the parent company Elektrokim

Anikó Kovács-Varga

owner and managing director of Elektrokim Kft.


Main services

Contract manufacturing and winding

Our specialisation lies in the winding and contract manufacturing of low-voltage, DC, and AC motors, including stators, rotors, and special motors. From mass production to custom projects, we offer solutions for all needs.

Repairs and other services

We also undertake the winding of AC and DC motors, special motors, mechanical modifications, and the fitting of brake units, encoders, and forced cooling systems.


Why choose us?

Professional experience

With over 34 years in the industry, we guarantee that every project meets the highest professional standards.

Broad services

From small to large series production, we handle a wide range of projects. Our expertise in manual winding is particularly beneficial for special motors where precision and quality are crucial.

Competitive pricing

We provide European standard quality at competitive prices, thanks to our Vojvodina plant.

Technological innovation

We boast a rare vacuum impregnation system in Europe, enhancing the quality and reliability of our products.

We are committed to offering nothing but the best to our clients, regardless of the service. Elektrokim Kft. approaches every project with the highest industry standards, from initial design to final delivery.

Discover our manufacturing processes, plant life, and our professionals' work in the gallery.



The Elektrokim Kft. team is ready to answer your questions and provide information about our services. Whether it's about a project, a request for a custom quote, or technical support, our experts are delighted to assist you. Please use the contact form below to send us a direct message, or reach out to us via the provided email address.

Quality customer service is important to us. Whether you're starting a new project or have questions about existing agreements, we guarantee a swift and professional response to all inquiries.

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