Electric motor contract

Welcome to Elektrokim, where our deep expertise and passion in the realm of electric motors provide top-tier electric motor manufacturing services. Our electric motor contract manufacturing service allows our clients to produce their custom-designed motors at high standards, swiftly and efficiently, without the need to invest in their own manufacturing capabilities.
Collaborating closely with our clients, we strive to fully understand their needs and specifications through every step of the electric motor manufacturing process, from design to prototype creation, and all the way to mass production. Each step is conducted in accordance with the highest industry standards to ensure the finished product's quality and reliability.


Why choose electric motor contract manufacturing?


Saves the expense of developing and maintaining your own manufacturing infrastructure and expertise.

Flexible manufacturing capacity

Offers the ability to handle both small and large production volumes, optimizing stock management and market response times.

Expert support

Access to experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals who assist in every stage of product development.


The importance of manual production

We place a special emphasis on the importance of manual assembly, particularly where precision and quality are paramount. In Europe, where the role of manual labour is especially valued, we are proud to produce specialised motors, such as multi-speed motors, exclusively through manual labour. Given the specific requirements of these motors, machine solutions would not be feasible, or would result in a higher error margin.
The advantages of manual production include a significant reduction in scrap rates, which is particularly crucial in the manual manufacture of electric motors. While manual labour may be slower than machine solutions, the improvement in quality and reliability more than compensates for the additional time required.


Flexibility in manufacturing

Our services extend from custom, small-scale projects to large-volume orders, enabling our clients to respond with maximum flexibility to market demands. The combination of manual assembly and machine manufacturing ensures that we can handle each project in the most optimal way, with our solutions spanning a wide spectrum.
At Elektrokim, we are proud to cater to a broad range of clients, from unique, small-batch projects to extensive manufacturing needs.
Our goal through electric motor contract manufacturing is to contribute to our partners' success, whether they are micro-enterprises/SMEs or large corporations with significant market share. Let Elektrokim be your reliable partner in the world of electric motors.


Why choose us?

Tailored solutions

Our services are customised to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Uncompromised quality

We use only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure durability and performance.

Flexible production

Our capabilities range from small to large-scale production, adapting swiftly to market demands.

12/24 month guarantee

All work carried out is covered by a comprehensive 12 or 24 month guarantee, underlining our commitment to high quality workmanship and total customer satisfaction.

Innovative techniques

Our unique vacuum impregnation system sets us apart, offering a rare advantage in Europe.

Cost efficiency

We balance low production costs with the high quality standards expected in European markets.



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