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Welcome to Elektrokim Kft., where exceptional services in electric motor manufacturing and winding merge with precision engineering knowledge and competitive pricing.


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With decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we are poised to address every challenge related to electric motors, from custom manufacturing and winding to mass production.


Why choose us?

Tailored solutions

Our services are customised to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Uncompromised quality

We use only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure durability and performance.

Flexible production

Our capabilities range from small to large-scale production, adapting swiftly to market demands.

12/24 month guarantee

All work carried out is covered by a comprehensive 12 or 24 month guarantee, underlining our commitment to high quality workmanship and total customer satisfaction.

Innovative techniques

Our unique vacuum impregnation system sets us apart, offering a rare advantage in Europe.

Cost efficiency

We balance low production costs with the high quality standards expected in European markets.

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About us

Elektrokim proudly serves the electric motor market, offering the highest standard of contract manufacturing and winding services. With over 30 years of dedication to our clients, we are committed to precision engineering knowledge and innovative solutions. Our comprehensive services include winding for low-voltage and special motors, contract manufacturing tailored to specific project needs, and mass production. Our objective is to provide reliable, economical, and customized solutions to our clients.


Main services

Electric motor contract manufacturing

Elektrokim's extensive electric motor manufacturing services facilitate both small and large-scale production. Whether standard or special requirements, our team employs the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to ensure top quality. Decades of experience guarantee that every project is executed according to your specifications, on time and within budget.

Motor winding

Key to optimizing motor performance and efficiency, Elektrokim's (re)winding services cover low-voltage, DC, and AC motors, including custom winding for special motors. Our expert team utilizes both traditional manual and semi-automated winding techniques to minimize scrap rates and maximize quality.





The Elektrokim Kft. team is ready to answer your questions and provide information about our services. Whether it's about a project, a request for a custom quote, or technical support, our experts are delighted to assist you. Please use the contact form below to send us a direct message, or reach out to us via the provided email address.

Quality customer service is important to us. Whether you're starting a new project or have questions about existing agreements, we guarantee a swift and professional response to all inquiries.

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6728 Szeged, Back Bernát utca 1.
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